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wooshoo - savers club
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wooshoo - saver club


the wooshoo saver club welcomes all existing and new members to the organisation.

As it is quite obvious, we are all wooshoo members from all over Australia and a part of the fastest growing business and residential essential services distribution company in Australia.

Membership to the wooshoo savers club is free to all current wooshoo members with the only requirement for new (non-current) wooshoo members  to sign up their business or residential services with a current wooshoo - saver club member or the wooshoo saver club direct, to their obvious benefit.

Our ultimate goal is to build and grow our business and personal networks within the essential services space including such services as; telephones, electricity, gas, water, mobiles, 3G etc..

Unlike other companies out there that charge big dollars for licenses and provide little returns,  wooshoo delivers real services and offers realistic and attractive commissions which will enable any savvy individual the opportunity to make an excellent passive income stream in a very short period of time. No up-front fees to pay, meetings to pay for, deadlines to meet or requirement to bring people into the business or risk losing your earnings...

... wooshoo is a real business that makes profits by delivering savings and results to both members and  customers alike.

If your new, please feel free to email me for further information on this opportunity with the fastest growing services distribution company in the country!!




Antonio Belladonna

Chairperson - wooshoo savers club


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